The book value of a plant asset is the: A balance in the accumulated depreciation account. B. cost of the asset less the accumulated depreciation. C. accumulated depreciation less the cost of the asset. D. cost of the asset.

the book value of a plant asset is defined as:

Additional factors like shareholder equity and debt may also have to be accounted for when assessing the book value of an entire company. Another form of intangible assets, intangible assets, which are assets that lack physical existence. Residual value- also known as salvage value, disposal value, scrape value, or trade-in value represents the estimated market value of the asset at the time of its retirement. After using the patent for four years, MP learns at an industry trade show that another company is designing a more efficient printer. On the basis of this new information, MP decides, starting with Year 5, to amortize the remaining cost of the patent over two remaining years, giving the patent a total useful life of six years.

The asset’s acquisition costs less its accumulated depreciation is called []. Which of the following items does not affect the calculation of depreciation expense? Economic benefits generated by the asset Useful life of the asset Residual value of the asset Capitalized cost of the asset. Original cost minus accumulated depreciation. If a long-term plant asset is impaired, generally accepted accounting principles require the owner to adjust the carrying value downward from its book value to its fair value. Another types of capital expenditures include extraordinary repairs. Extraordinary repairs are repairs of amore significant nature.

Difference between discarding the plant asset and selling of plant asset

A depreciable asset is one that is used up over time. Depreciation is an expense; whereas, non-depreciable assets are not expensed. P. 404Accumulated Depreciation is a contra asset account with a normal credit balance.

the book value of a plant asset is defined as:

Is an outflow of cash from the use of a plant asset. The estimated salvage value is deducted from the cost of the asset the book value of a plant asset is defined as: in order to determine the total amount ofdepreciation expensethat will be reported during the asset’s useful life.

Chapter10: Plant Assets, Natural Resources, and Intangibles

For this reason, the debit to Accumulated Depreciation is the difference between original costs and cash received. Depreciation methods differ primarily in the amount of cost allocated to each period. A list of depreciation amounts for each year of an asset’s useful life is called depreciation schedule. This cost allocation of plant asset, called depreciation, is recorded in the accounting books periodically.

In this case, if the asset is fully depreciated and leaves no residual value, then the companies simply try to remove the assets using the related contra asset accounts. Both the cost and accumulated depreciation of plant assets are reported on the balance sheet or in its notes. Dale Jarrett Racing Adventure, for instance, reports the following. The $1,800 Depreciation Expense is reported on the income statement among operating expenses. The $1,800 Accumulated Depreciation is a contra asset account to the Machinery account in the balance sheet.

B monthly C quarterly Solutions B The effective annual return is EAR 1 Periodic

The depreciation in the second year will be calculated using $9,500 as the principal amount. Accounting PeriodsAccounting Period refers to the period in which all financial transactions are recorded and financial statements are prepared. Also known as the declining balance method, this model uses a fixed percentage of the depreciation and applies it on the net balance to derive the charge. In the initial years, the charge would be greater, and as time passes, it gets reduced, that’s why it is known as reducing balance method. Plant assets are depreciated over their useful lives and each year’s depreciation is credited to a contra asset account Accumulated Depreciation.

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However, business does not often buy assets exactly at the beginning or end of the accounting period. In most cases, they acquire the assets when they are needed and sell or discard them when they are no longer useful or needed. The time of year is normally not a factor in the decision. Thus, it is often necessary to calculate depreciation for partial years.

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