The value of Aristot Dialogue

Better working experience and employee engagement


          Solve any challenges           just in time

Establish a future-ready learning culture

Achieve business growth by investing in people

Connecting the right person with the right knowledge worldwide

Google-like smart search

Algorithm-based suggestion

Trending topics

Ratings and recommendations

100% digitalized SaaS solution

Advance user experience through machine learning 

what experts say

Director of Solution Delivery

“I highly recommend Aristot Dialogue for my colleagues, and I encourage the continuation and development of the program”

Senior manager of Procurement

“This Aristot platform offers a great way to gain insight into specific careers by someone who is actually in the profession. It is also a good form of networking”

Manager Of Compliance

“I feel that Aristot Dialogue was very intuitive to use and gave me a deeper understanding of my own expertise”

Senior manager of Finance

“I have been mentoring mostly Millennials and now also Generation Z. By coaching others, I also learn a lot through reverse mentoring”

What our CEO Says

“The 20% is very often the missing
piece in the 70/20/10
learning principle.
In this era of the fourth industrial revolution, when 70% of the jobs will disappear in 20 years, growth through developmental relationships is the key to be ahead.
Everyone should be able to find their ideal bond with the help of Aristot Dialogue, and let’s create a everlasting improvement future together!” ━ Daniel Zhao

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