Fotex: 2023 Room Prices, Deals & Reviews

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  • I see that you’ve been in touch with our customer service team, and that the matter has now been resolved.
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  • For information on prices of Bus and Train, costs and ride fares to Føtex, please check the Moovit app.

I’m sorry to hear that you’ve had a poor experience with our website, and that the delivery time didn’t meet your expectations. I see that you’ve been in touch with our customer service team, and that the matter has now been resolved. Even though it was discovered when delivered there was no help – the delivery people offered to call Customer service, but I could also dotbig reviews do this myself. One of the other items was incorrect, but you have a “no return policy” – even though it was bough in a large quantity and still in the packaging material it was received in. Make market research an essential part of your firm’s strategy in order to produce the right products and services at the right price and market them to the best prospects.

What’s the nearest bus stop to Føtex in Horsens?

To move føtex ahead of competition, it was clear that a better understanding of customers, their requirements and purchasing habits was necessary. Kunde & Co collaborated closely with føtex to conduct an extensive assessment to understand the point-of-departure and symptoms of the company’s current state as well as to recognise where to go. Føtex is a leading Danish supermarket chain with 90 stores throughout the country. Part of Dansk Supermarked Group, it was founded in 1960 by Herman Salling. Established in 1960, Føtex is a chain of supermarkets in Denmark. It is owned by Salling Group (formerly Dansk Supermarked A/S), the largest retail company in the country. Located in Zabki, is in the city center and near a train station.


Ordered a table April 27 and was sent a confirmation and an expected delivery date of April 29th. Called Thursday last week to see where it was and was told they would contact us when they heard back from lager. And when I look up the table and chair set now on the website…it’s out of stock. I see that our customer service has ordered a new delivery for you. We are incredibly sorry that you have had an unfortunate experience with our Click & Collect-system. It’s very regrettable that the phone you ordered turned out to be sold out, and that our system doesn’t allow us to redirect the order to another store so you could be equipped with a new phone immediatly. Items ordered through Click & Collect are picked directly from the shelves of our stores – the very same shelves that you and our other customers shop from.

Public Transit to Føtex in Sønderborg

We verify reviews according to our guidelines and publish all reviews, positive or negative. The nearest train station to Føtex in Horsens is a 20 min walk away. The nearest train station to Føtex in Sønderborg Forex is a 30 min walk away. It goes against our guidelines to offer incentives for reviews. We also ensure all reviews are published without moderation. Not customer friendly at all the way this case was handled.


Broadcast TV and print advertisement are the broadest marketing channels activated, to help manifest the brand position with offers and themes catering to core customers. When relevant, media is targeted towards specific markets, such as baby families, to ensure a clear presence with these customers. To further support business objectives, weekly offers are distributed on Facebook with a strong focus on the family and 50+ segments. Weekly newsletters to the føtex Forex news permission database supplement broad media with even more targeted offers and content, such as food recipes and other inspirational themes. Another important cornerstone of the brand strategy is the focus on core customers, both in terms of content and distribution. Based on a match between føtex offerings as a wide-range supermarket and the most valuable customers in the market, core customers were identified as families with children and couples aged 50+.

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