Past cases

An example case with our client, who worked in an American Agricultural company that has footprints in the Netherlands:


Because our client did not get along with his previous manager, he got moved internally. However, the manager kept procrastinating to give our client an annual review. Furthermore, the manager even sent a complaint letter to the director. As a result, he cannot move to his new position successfully.


During an hour phone conversation, our mentor helped to analyze the current situation systematically using his experience, and prepared solutions together for different scenario cases.


Once he was called in by the director on Monday morning, he engaged a professional discussion as prepared. Afterwards, he had a smooth once and for all conversation with the manager. In the end, the problem got solved and he received recognition and appreciation from the director!

Other problems encountered by our customers and solved by our mentors:

"How to step up for a raise when I am undervalued by my manager?"
  – From a procurement specialist from a Fortune 500 company in Dairy Industry.

"How do I get recognized as a high potential in the whole organizaion?"
  - From a supply chain coordinator from a Fortune 500 company in Agriculture Industry.

"How do I reply to the question: What is your salary expectation?"
  – From a young professional from a global trading company.

"How do I exceed expectation in my annual performance review?"
  - From a project manager from a Fortune 500 company in Healthcare Industry.

"I don't foresee a sharp learning curve anymore."
  - From an accountant from a Fortune 500 company in Insurance Industry.

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