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Talents are everywhere, however seldom can they be recognized. We believe there is a gift within everyone.

Aristot is a 1 on 1 premium leadership mentor-mentee advisory for customized advise on professional skills. We also serve business clients ondemand, please contact for more information on business level.

Aristot mentors have Director experience in international corporations across different functions, including Finance, Supply Chain, Procurement, Operation, etc., and over various industries, for instance, Healthcare, FMCG, Banking, ICT, Education, Automotive, Productions.

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We as founders of Aristot, started our early career in a corporate environment as well, it is just because we are fortunate enough to always find mentors to guide us, that is what makes us who we are today.

Our mentors are very glad to see us keep developing, pushing the boundaries, and empower ourselves, and we would like to inspire more people by offering this help and advice.

Just like the ancient Greek philosopher Aristotle, who is nourished by Plato and shared his knowledge and experience with Alexander the Great, we would like to encourage everyone to pass on the sharing spirit.

Sharing for everlasting improvement together!

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